About Joshua Johnson – Inspirational Entertainer and Speaker

Joshua Johnson - inspirational performanceI’m Joshua Johnson and I tap dance on NYC trains to pay for college at Penn State University – “Penn Station to Penn State”

If you would like me to inspire and audience, both young and young at heart, for your next event – contact me below!

Thanks for stopping by my web site.

I love to tap dance and I love to play basketball and a few other things.

My goal for the next 2 or so years is to finish college and continue to do what I can to pay for it and keep my grades up.

I hope that through my story, I can be an inspiration to other young people, even old people, that through honesty, determination, good character and a few other things that anyone can do anything they put their mind and heart to.

Here’s a quote from the New York Times…..

“You have to figure out a way for the whole family to come up,” Mr. Johnson said. “That’s what I’m working towards, to make things better for my younger brother and my mom.”

“I know there are a lot of people that are going through worse situations, and I’ve always considered myself lucky,” he added. “So I don’t complain and I try and stay humble and stay hungry. I’m in this situation for now, just now, but I know I’m not going to be here for long.”

If you would like to donate, please donate through PayPal and indicate for Joshua Johnson’s college or if you want to mail a check please email ramon at smallbiztechnology DOT com for address information.

Read what others are saying about Joshua here.

Joshua’s Past Performances:

Dancing with the Stars (AT&T spotlight performance)
The Ellen Show (Josh shares his story with Ellen)
The Ellen Show (Josh host the Nickeloden Choice Awards)
New York Times (Josh humbled and honored to be in featured in the NY Times)
Diane Sawyer ABC World News ( Segment with Diane Sawyer)
Commencement speaker for the University of Freestate ( Josh tours South Africa)
The Katie Couric Show ( Josh Teaches Katie Couric how to tap)
Japanese T.V ( Josh shares his story with Japan)
Fox 5 news ( Interview and performance for Fox 5 news)


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